League of Gentlemen

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Monty Python – The Bishop

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Love the Pythons


Corner Gas – Comedy from Canada, Eh?

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thanks to Charleston Daily for this gem..


I’m alright Jack!

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Gotta love old British comedies – This photo shows a prop in a 1959 move called “I’m alright Jack” (Pink Floyd added Get your hands off my stack, but I think this machine would fit into “The Wall”) It’s a candy mixer that vomits the concoction out of its ‘mouth’ Nice!

candy vomit - I'm alright Jack 1959


So, with all that’s going on in the world today, what is trending on Yahoo and Google? A ten year old story about something that lasted 9/16 ths of a second. Yes, Janet Jackson’s nipple exposure during the American “super” bowl game. AKA NippleGate

Do you remember where you where when it happened? Were you traumatized? I was lucky enough to be in Punksatawney, Pennsylvania where Phil did not see his shadow. And on live TV you may have seen the Nip’s shadow.

I was watching the half time show and didn’t see the nip as most people didn’t. It took slow motion and media hype to get a glimpse of the shriveled up lump of discolored flesh. My goodness American’s are seriously too uptight.

NippleGate - the aftermath

Oh, the shame!




Zack King’s Vine Magic

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Pretty amazing stuff


The Pledge of Allegiance

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The Whitest Kids You Know – Pledge of Allegiance


Happy Holidays from Brittish Comedy

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Happy Holidays from BC



Bill Bailey and John Cleese. can’t go wrong there can you?


Yankees Fans

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Gotta love Yankees fans…

Your in america

Possibly more accurate – urine America.